Grammy’s = Garbage

There is a reason the Grammys are TheSkinnyStiletto‘s least favorite award show – because the clothes are crap!  It is definitely the red carpet to be seen on wearing daring choices, except now nearly every attendee tries to look daring!  Miley Cyrus looked rubbish in Roberto Cavalli (pictured, right), Rihanna looked quite wide in white and Selena Gomez was a little too sexy for her age.  The competition to out-do one another ends up leaving everyone looking the same because of similar choices.  This year’s trends that left everyone looking like twins?Leann Rimes, Heidi Klum and Kim Kardashian – wait, what the heck was she doing there?! – all showed up in glittering gold (pictured, left); Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez  both looked stunning in silver; and everyone else seemed to be all about the animals… Miley attempted to be a tigress, Nicki Minaj was covered from head-to-toe (literally) in leopard and, of course, Lady Gaga arrived in an egg.  Even though Miss Katy Perry was shining in sequence (like everyone else), our editors unanimously decided she was our favorite due to her best accessories: a pair of fluffy white cupid wings, a hilarious husband and her birthday-girl grandmother (who came with a bedazzled cane!)  The three looked sharp in Giorgio Armani.  Second place goes to another glowing gal, except instead of wearing jewels, she was Jewel!  The pregnant star was radiant in pale yellow.  And third place?  Ugh, just bring on the Oscars already, please.

Katy Perry, Russell Brand & Grandma in Armani


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