“It must be difficult to let go of something so beautiful,” the concierge knowingly tells Richard Gere in Pretty Woman.  We know he wasn’t talking about the necklace… he was referring to polka dots.  Julia Roberts goes from hooker to haughty in this chocolate and white ensemble.  The dress possesses a high neckline and sits just above the knee, but Julia’s womanly figure is hardly hidden in this classic sheath.  The waist is cinched with a leather belt and matching gloves, hat and purse complete the streamlined look.  Polka dots have been “spotted” all over the runway recently for this upcoming spring and summer, but they were also popular in the warm seasons of 2008 and featured in many fashion articles over the last two years… So, maybe they never went out?  Just take a look at the 2011 Giles Spring Collection.  Doesn’t that color combination look rather familiar?


3 responses to “Look-of-the-Day

  • The Fav

    Thats so true about the styles matching. I think that the looks that get repeated are the ones that are “classic” not the ones that are here one min and gone the next….ps the red dress in that movie is stunning

    • TheSkinnyStiletto

      You’re so right! It’s funny too, because we were discussing which outfits were attractive from that movie (you figure it’s over 20-yrs.-old, something should be dated), but most of her dresses are gorgeous! I also love the black lace cocktail dress she wears when attending that dinner/business meeting with Richard Gere.

  • The Fav

    very true i forgot about that one its amazing dress!!

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