First Class First Lady

Michelle Obama in the Oval Office

Obama in J. Crew

Obama in Maria Pinto

In honor of President’s Day, we here at theSkinnyStiletto thought it would be best to describe our own White House inspiration, First Lady Michelle Obama.  Ms. Obama is both sophisticated and accessible, which makes her the thinking woman’s fashion role model.  There have been many articles already written on the subject, because she is the 1st First Lady to wear both couture and catalog clothing.  Since Ms. Obama is also dedicated to keeping her body in tip-top shape, she looks all the more stunning when wearing a fun sundress, glamorous gown or classic suit.

Michelle in Jason Wu

Michelle was the 2nd First Lady to ever grace the cover of Vogue (Hillary Clinton was the 1st).  Ms. Obama looked gorgeous in Narcisco Rodriguez and Jason Wu in the magazine, photographed by one of the world’s most famous photographers, Annie Lebiovitz.  Wu designed the First Lady’s white ball gown for the Presidential Inauguration in 2008.  Obama’s go-to items are bold colors, fitted shifts, pencil skirts, and – just like another famous First Lady – strands of white pearls.  Her personal style is professional, yet very feminine – a hard combination to achieve on a consistent basis.

Obama in Lanvin

Obama’s fashion choices are so influential, a book was published on the very subject called “Everyday Icon: Michelle Obama and the Power of Style,” (which theSkinnyStiletto will be reviewing next month!)  Author Kate Betts describes the power Michelle has over little girls and women everywhere.  While Jacqueline Kennedy was an extreme trendsetter, few American ladies could invest in numerous Chanel suits like the original “Mrs. O.”  Michelle wears both famous designers, and everyday clothing that can be found in any shopping mall across America.  With all due respect to Jackie, this Mrs. O balances beauty and brains, by possessing not only personal style, but a Harvard Law degree – which makes her the quintessential paragon all women aspire to be.

Obama in Michael Kors, Givenchy

Obama in Jason Wu (again!)

Michelle in Peter Soronen


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