Westcott is this Year’s “Black Swan”

This isn’t Bjork’s swan.  Amy Westcott did an absolutely gorgeous job outfitting Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis as beautiful ballerinas in Black Swan.  (This week theSkinnyStiletto will be featuring the 2010 Oscar nominees for Costume Design.  Westcott wasn’t nominated, but we think she should have been…) Our editors admitted they all have a secret love for the combination of black, white, gray and soft pink – the hues most commonly seen in a ballet studio.  Westcott did a stunning job, considering she really only used four colors throughout the film.  She utilizes white and pink to demonstrate purity and childlike innocence ballet is typically associated with.  Westcott uses black to represent the dark side to performance dance – and Nina Sayer’s mind.  While the sequined tutus created for the black and white swans made the little girls inside of us want to throw on an old pair of ballet slippers, even the casual outfits throughout the movie made us as jealous as Nina!  (Just kidding).  Portman got to wear a beautiful ballerina pink pea coat, a Dior chiffon white gown that displays her svelte figure, and even the dance outfits for practice she wore were truly divine. Our editors agreed it was the first time any of them had found feathers to be such an exciting accessory!  Westcott worked with Jack Brown and used pieces from Rodarte‘s Fall 2010 collection to create one visually stunning and terrifying film.  Considering few can do that through the medium of clothing, theSkinnyStiletto deems Ms. Westcott the “black swan” of this year’s Academy Awards.


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