Falling in Love with "I Am Love"

In I Am Love Tilda Swinton falls in love with her son’s friend – and we fell in love with her clothing.  Swinton was costumed by Antonella Cannarozzi, who has been rightfully nominated for an Academy Award for her outstanding accomplishment.  Swinton’s fluent Italian is as seamless as her wardrobe’s progression in the film.  She stars as Emma Recchi, a Russian immigrant wife of a wildly powerful and artistic family in Milan, Italy at the turn of the 21st century.

Swinton’s clothes start out as muted neutrals (just as her character’s demeanor) and become intensely bright as she falls deeper for her young lover.  The movie has been repeatedly called “visually stunning” for a reason – Recchi’s fashion combined with the backdrop of Northern Italy make for a ravishing display.

The men in the film were dressed by Fendi to illustrate their Milanese modernity and money. But another unlikely well-dressed character is Recchi’s mother-in-law, played by the stunner Marisa Berenson.

Her salt-and-pepper locks, stilettos, studded purses and daring wear of metallics after 50 makes every woman pray they’ll retire looking as good as she does. Cannarozzi said she used Hermes and vintage Fendi to outfit the Mediterranean matriarch.  But Swinton’s transformation is the real triumph of the film.  The typically androgynous actress looks anything but 100% woman in this Italian epic.


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