Worst-Dressed Movie: Eat Pray Love

Who the hell dressed Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love?  We were praying the character of Elizabeth Gilbert would find a stylist, not love, by the end of the film.  Gilbert goes from glamour girl in New York to slovenly slob of Southeast Asia.  Roberts travels from Italy to India to Indonesia in the film, and we’re guessing the mission was to look gross in some of the world’s most gorgeous countries.  The biggest problem with Roberts’ wardrobe in the movie is the fit. Nothing is remotely tailored or attractive on Roberts’ awesome figure.  Considering she was three months pregnant when she wore a bikini in Charlie Wilson’s War, we doubt she was attempting to hide any extra weight she may have put on.  We assume the idea was to watch the city girl evolve into a world-traveler, but why look frumpy doing so?  One of our editors once lived abroad in Italy and she agrees there is no reason to wear ugly or baggy clothing when traveling.  Gilbert goes around the globe in flood pants, flat sandals, super-sized sarongs, shapeless shirts, sister-wife dresses and – the worst accessory of the century, a sloppy straw hat that she stuffs all of her hair into.  We’re actually amazed she was able to nab Javier Bardem in such unattractive clothing.  Considering she starts her journey of self-discovery in the most fashion-conscious country on Earth, we’re surprised the costume designers put such little effort into the outfits in the movie.  Although, considering Julia Roberts looks beautiful even in an Army Combat Uniform in Valentine’s Day, it’s actually quite a feat to make the pretty woman look so darn plain.


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