Kanye West: Fashion Student?

Kanye West

The American rapper, record producer, and constant attention-getter, Kanye West, is looking to become a… fashion student?!  West is reported to have applied for his Masters Degree in fashion design at the London university Central St. Martins College – the alma mater of other fashion bigwigs, such as Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Zac Posen, and the recently-fired John Galliano.  On March 2nd, West flew to London to meet for an interview with Professor Louise Wilson, the head of the fashion dept. at the university, in hopes of attaining a position at the school.  This isn’t West’s first experience in the fashion world.  In 2008, he interned for Louis Vuitton, before launching his first shoe line for the French label during Paris Fashion Week in January 2009.  He also interned for Fendi in Rome, following his 2009 VMA incident with Taylor Swift.  West attempted to release his own clothing line, Pastelle (Past Tell Museum), but it was never released.  He has also worked with Nike to release another shoe, Air Yeezys.  The rapper has been interviewed by the school board, and they are now deciding if he will receive a slot at the university.  Let’s hope if he gets in, he won’t live up to his debut album’s title… The College Dropout.


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