Ah, more clothes from P.S. I Love You!  Hilary Swank wears a beautiful red, white and blue plaid jacket while talking to her friend, Daniel, in Yankee Stadium.  Very apropos, considering Spring-training just started, and it’s an Irish-American romantic comedy (since it’s St. Patrick’s Day this Thursday, all of the “Look-of-the-Day” outfits this week will be from Irish movies).  The adorable coat is both casual (note the hood), and classic (note the fit).  There are all sorts of blogs and threads online dedicated to this piece of outerwear, but there isn’t any definitive answer on where to find it… Oh, well.


6 responses to “Look-of-the-Day

  • Mari-Jo Coe

    BUT the unamswered question is …

    where can you get it !!!

    • The Skinny Stiletto

      It’s funny you say that Mari-Jo – I was looking at this post today and thought “Damn! I wish I knew where they got it.” You’ve inspired me to find it. I’m on the hunt now lol 🙂

      • Mari-Jo Coe

        What started me off, is that they are re-showing the movie on a film channel here in the UK.
        There are some great clothes all thru, but I just couldn’t keep my eyes off the coat.

      • The Skinny Stiletto

        That’s too spooky – I was starting to search for this coat again, and no joke – the American TV channel Lifetime announces “P.S. I Love You… Coming up next!” I guess we get the same programming lol. Still on the hunt… it seems a lot of message boards tried to contact the designers they even thought the coat was made by, but couldn’t get a straight answer. So weird! And, of course, it only makes the coat more exciting.

  • Colleen

    Has anyone found where to purchase this jacket from yet? I was just watching it tonight with my sister and I forgot how much I love the jacket!!!

  • Kelly

    yep im still looking for this jacket! penelope cruz had a similar one that was chanel but different.

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