In honor of the first day of Spring, theSkinnyStiletto has chosen another look from Carey Mulligan in An Education.  The British teen gets seduced by a seemingly charming and wealthy older man named Peter, and Mulligan has to dress the part to fit in.  She goes from schoolgirl to sophisticate in this British drama.  On her weekend in Paris, she dons this soft periwinkle number.  We here at theSkinnyStiletto aren’t huge fans of floral prints (more on that later), but Mulligan’s fitted watercolor dress is a perfect example of how floral should be worn (even though the movie is set 50 years ago).  According to Vanity Fair, this was Carey Mulligan’s favorite outfit she had to wear.  The film’s costume designer, Odile Dicks-Mireaux, told the magazine the look was reminiscent of Brigitte Bardot, “probably even a little dated (for 1961), but it’s how we thought Peter would want her to be.”  The cool color palette of this shift is a perfect look for the first day of the new season, and our choice for March 21st.


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