Elizabeth Taylor, screen-legend of the Golden Age of cinema, has died this morning.  The controversial actress was known for her violet eyes (complemented quite nicely by those big brows of hers), collecting jewels… and husbands.  We chose her stunning white dress from 1958’s Cat on a Hot Tin Roof for today’s Look-of-the-Day.  Taylor played Maggie (the cat on the hot tin roof), and sure the filmmakers completely changed the ending and the Paul Newman-character’s sexuality, but it’s still a good watch.  Taylor’s hourglass figure was showcased beautifully in this flowing white 1950s knee-length frock.  It’s no wonder they kept Brick Pollitt straight for the movie version of the Tennessee Williams play… because who could really resist the bountiful brunette, even if she was a sassy, spoiled Southern brat?


One response to “Look-of-the-Day

  • Linda

    I have always found this white dress to be stunning. But of course it was draped on a beautiful woman! Elegant and classy, both the dress and Elizabeth in her hey day.

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