Inglourious Basterds was one of the worst Oscar-nominated films we’ve ever seen.  It was historically inaccurate, predictable and ridiculous, but its saving grace was Brad Pitt’s southern accent and Diane Kruger’s wardrobe.  The movie’s costumes were created by two-time Academy Award Nominee Anna Sheppard (The Pianist, Schindler’s List).  The stylish German star Kruger plays actress/Resistance-fighter Bridget von Hammersmark.  According to Sheppard, this gown was created in Berlin out of beaded silk fabric and additional Swarovski crystals had to be applied by hand.  The train was made of tulle and silk feathers were sewn onto it.  All of the jewelry in the film was actually made in the 1940s and from Sheppard’s own personal collection that she’s been adding to since Schindler’s List.  Long white evening gloves, a fur stole and a handgun certainly make for memorable accessories – almost memorable enough to ignore how horrible the movie was… nah!


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