“I love her.  And true love lasts a lifetime,” Emma Thompson tells her husband when describing her admiration for Joni Mitchell in the 2003 film Love Actually.  We were trying to come up with a quote that sums how we feel about Rachel McAdams, and that was it.  We have loved her since she played mean girl “Regina George,” and every subsequent role she has filled since.  (No, really.  Our editors each currently own seven of the nine theatrically released films Rachel has made since 2004.  State of Play and Sherlock Holmes are missing, but they will be purchased shortly.)  In her latest film, Morning Glory, she plays Becky Fuller, a hardworking TV morning show producer.  Here, Becky is donning a nude silk halter dress, a Givenchy Medium Eclipse Hobo handbag with a bright blue scarf tied to it, a soft white shrug, and bubblegum pink stilettos.  We’ve already informed you how much we hate nude on the red carpet, but Rachel is just so freaking cute, she can pull anything off.  (Plus, she’s wearing it in the daytime, which makes more sense).  Becky is supposed to be on an interview in this outfit, which is completely ridiculous – you would never, ever show up to a job interview in pink, nude, a sundress or a shrug (more on that later…), but it is certainly the perfect outfit for a Spring weekend outing.  Becky’s colorful accessories also happen to be shades of the flower “morning glory,” which is truly the best metaphor for Rachel: a bright, blossoming beauty.


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