15 Reasons Why We Love Posh

In no particular order, here are 15 reasons why our editors are so in love with Victoria Beckham:

1. She’s the best-dressed living fashion icon of our time.

2. Her own clothing line is sophisticated and classy.

3. She’s British.

4. Her favorite fashion icon of all time is our favorite fashion icon of all time (Audrey Hepburn, duh).

5. She’s mom to three adorable boys, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

6. She’ll soon be mum to a little girl!

7. Her sexy husband.

8. She’s down-to-earth and self-deprecating. (“My looks are incredibly ordinary… I just make the best of what I have.” – Posh)

9. She’s loyal. (Married for over ten years, and still remains very close with her fellow Spice Girls, as she’s godmother to Geri’s daughter.)

10. Her guide to fashion, That Extra Half-Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything In Between, is our favorite book on fashion.

11. She’s committed to her work.

12. She is one of very few celebrities that does NOT use a stylist.  (If not the only one…)

13. She’s daring with diverse looks, making her the ultimate trendsetter.

14. Despite having millions of dollars, she still admittedly shops at the mall. (H&M, TopShop, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Victoria’s Secret are some of her favs.)



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