We were going to save this look until the final day before the royal wedding, because it’s our favorite outfit of Kate Middleton’s, but it just looked too perfect for an Easter Sunday!  This powder blue brocade, princess-style (how appropriate) Issa coat is just stunning.  Paired with a simple white dress and navy stilettos, this English girl looks quite ready to step into the role of a royal.  The fantastic matching blue and white hat is by the fabulous Philip Treacy.  Miss Middleton wasn’t at Easter here, but actually at the 2009 wedding of Prince William’s friend, Captain Nicholas van Cutsem.  Only a few more days, and we’ll be seeing what Kate will have on for own big day…  Do we think it’ll be designed by Issa?


3 responses to “Look-of-the-Day

  • The Fav

    I just love her hairpieces I wish it was fashionable here….maybe ill try and start a new trend lol but i wish I knew how she fastened them……

    • The Skinny Stiletto

      Haha seriously – I’m thinking 10,000 bobby pins. But her hair is usually down… very confusing lol. I love hats! My friend Danielle and I were just talking about how we love hats and we decided “Let’s bring ’em back!” I’m glad you want to start the revolution too.

  • Linda

    Blue is definitely Kate’s color. She always looks so radiant in any shade of blue! She probably uses hairpins or an old-fashioned accessory – hat pins to hold the hats on. I think Kate will start a new trend with hats!

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