Kate Middleton: Accessory Buyer to Jigsaw

This isn’t the creep from the horrible Saw movies.  This Jigsaw is a women’s clothing retailer that was founded in 1971 and based in London, with 43 stores across the United Kingdom.  And the reason we’re talking about this company is because fashion icon and future princess Kate Middleton used to work for Jigsaw as an assistant accessories buyer.  Kate used to worked four days a week (Monday-Thursday) when she was hired by the brand in December 2006.  Her mother, Carole Middleton, helped design the Jigsaw Junior website.  The company is owned by fashion bigwigs John and Belle Robinson, who also own Kew womenswear.  Jigsaw was one of the first stores to ever carry a size 16.  As Belle Robinson is 5’10, and the mother of five, she admitted to the Evening Standard that no amount of diet and exercise would ever make her super-skinny, which is why the store has been sympathetic to full-figured gals.  The Robinsons happen to know Kate Middleton’s family, although Belle claims they aren’t very close, but that Kate fit right in at Jigsaw.  “She sat in the kitchen at lunchtime and chatted with everyone from the van drivers to the accounts girls.  She wasn’t precious.  A lot of people have distorted it to say we’re friends with her parents but I’ve only met them four times,” Belle told the Evening Standard in 2008.  Jigsaw states on its website: “Jigsaw remains focused on selling desirable, high quality clothes and accessories in individual and stimulating shopping environments.  We are always striving to find a creative balance of inspiring our current customers whilst enticing in the new, offering collections made up of ‘on trend’ elements as well as beautifully cut wardrobe classics… No two Jigsaw stores are the same.  We are not formulaic; every store is designed to be sympathetic to its surroundings and with respect to the existing architecture.  Our store teams are carefully selected to ensure that they can offer our customers friendly, genuine, knowledgeable and impartial advice in a relaxed environment.”  In 2007, jeweler Claudia Bradby worked with Middleton to create a silver pendant for the chain “Kate was very clear in what she wanted,” Bradby told People. “She wanted a very simple bean pendant that a mother and daughter could both wear together… It was completely her initiative because she thought there was a gap in the market for something real and sophisticated, that had longevity for that age group.”  The simple silver necklace features with rose quartz and freshwater charms has been re-released in honor of Kate’s upcoming wedding, and retails at £54.  Even though Kate doesn’t work for Jigsaw anymore, it’s interesting to where the princess dabbled in professional fashion before moving onto royal duties… maybe after all this wedding stuff is over, she can come out with her own line!


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