The Princess and the Posh

We here at theSkinnyStiletto were beyond excited when we heard that Victoria Beckham was one of the talents in the running to design Kate Middleton’s wedding dress.  As we’ve mentioned, the former Spice Girl is our favorite living style icon.  To have her outfit another fashion icon during an historical moment for their homeland would be, in a word, amazing.  “Apparently, she likes my clothes and has asked to see a selection,” the designer said at her New York Fashion Week show. “It’s tremendously exciting and I would be honored if she were to wear my designs.  I admire her tremendously.”  This juicy tidbit was released on February 14th (this editor’s birthday – who could ask for a better birthday present than to hear two beautiful Brits might collaborate on an ultimate fashion item?!)  Victoria has impeccable taste and has designed gowns for her own line, but to see an actual wedding dress created by the famed fashionista would make our hearts aflutter!  Who better to dress a royal than a pop princess anyway?  Posh even wore a crown on her own big day in 1999, pictured left.  Beckham stated that Kate is “a beautiful young girl.  She has a wonderful figure and I think she wears clothes beautifully.”  However, the latest news states that Beckham will just design some regal romps for the honeymoon.  Posh sent over samples of her Spring/Summer line and was very flattered to be considered to dress the future princess on her magical day.  Beckham and her world-famous husband, David, will be attending the nuptials, as well.  Even though we’d rather see Kate wearing a Posh gown on April 29th, seeing her wear some of the cute frocks pictured below on her honeymoon will be fun, too.   Middleton has taken some fashion advice from the former Spice Girl and now it’s concrete: Kate has wonderful taste!  But will we see Beckingham meet Buckingham on the big day?


One response to “The Princess and the Posh

  • Linda

    I think will look terrific in anything Posh designs for her – she is self-confident, adorable and has a great figure. It should be easy for Posh to work with a fellow Brit!!

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