Playing second fiddle to a blushing bride isn’t always a fun job (especially when you’re in the world’s most watched wedding – don’t trip!  Only 1/3 of the planet is watching!)  But Princess Kate’s kid sister seemed to be having a grand ol’ time at her big sister’s royal nuptials!  Pippa Middleton seems as perky and fun as her nickname!  Princess Catherine wasn’t about to make her maid-of-honor look like a dog – she outfitted Pippa in a sexy gown by the same designer (Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton) as herself.  What a good sister!  People were perplexed why Pippa was in white too, but it’s royal tradition to dress a lady-in-waiting in a similar color to the bride.  Both girls looked quite glamorous, which is why we waited a week to feature Pippa in her own post!  And really?  Which wedding guest had a gown appropriate enough for “Fancy Friday” that wasn’t Kate?


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