Hollywood’s Hottest Moms

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re naming Hollywood’s Hottest Moms.  Okay, that isn’t exactly true… we’re naming our favorite Hollywood moms!  Starlets of the 1950s seemed to always have children – Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren both had two sons, Elizabeth Taylor had four children, and Jayne Mansfield had a whopping five by the time she died at 34.  In the 1980s and 90s, it seemed actresses were scared of having children, in fear of halting the perpetual movement of their careers.  Then all of a sudden – BAM!  A baby seemed to be the newest accessory in town!  Move over teacup poodles, babies with movie star looks are a lot cuter to look at!  Wow – and reducing the most important job on Earth to a fashion tip is all in good fun!  Here are top 10 favorite Hollywood moms, in no particular order, and why:

1. Salma Hayek: For how sexy Hayek is, it’s actually shocking that she’s also incredibly intelligent.  The Mexican beauty has a degree in Political Science and is fluent in Arabic, in addition to English and Spanish.  Her baby, Valentina, was named after the day her parents wed – Valentine’s Day.

2. Tina Fey: She’s funny, cute, down-to-earth, smart with a quick tongue and writing talent.  Would we expect her to be bad at anything?  It’s no shocker Tina didn’t give her daughter a dumbass name (Alice), or exploit her, like so many hot messes in Hollywood do to their children.  Tina’s cutie is the face of her Mom’s production company, Little Stranger, Inc. and the inspiration for her Sarah Palin impersonation – when Alice started seeing the Alaskan governor on TV, she would say “Mommy!”  It made Tina think she was probably the best person to play her on television…

3. Katie Holmes: Sure, she dresses her toddler inappropriately in heels (ask Tim Gunn about that one), and apparently just made up her name (what’s a Suri?), but that baby has got to be the cutest kid (and most stylish) in Hollywood!  (Okay, that wasn’t a good reason at all – Katie once took a nasty fall in stilettos carrying Suri when the paparazzi was photographing her, and she hung onto that kid like white on rice!  Good save Katie!)

4. Gwen Stefani: This blonde bombshell still looks beautiful (and ultra cool) at 41, so it’s no surprise her two sons look just as hip.  Named after her favorite beaches (really?), Kingston James McGregor (not bad) and Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale (again, really?), always look cute in mini-jeans and trendy t-shirts.  Although… is it appropriate to be bleaching your four-year-old’s mohawk to match your signature hairstyle?  (No, that’s actually probably quite dangerous…)  But hey, Kingston doesn’t seem to mind!  He looks like he’s giving his mom a back-rub for all her hard work (pictured, left)!

5. Kaitlin Olson: This is the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star’s first Mother’s Day!  The hilarious actress (with an awesome name) had son, Axel, last year with her husband, and co-star Rob McElhenney. The actress told People “Axel…doesn’t necessarily lend itself to a nickname because his name is already as cool as sh*t.”  Haha, it’s no surprise, she’s a funny mom, too!

6. Jennifer Garner: She has two little girls, Violet and Seraphina, with husband Ben Affleck, and well, face it… She just looks like an awesome mom!  She’s so sweet, picking her kids up from school and dropping them off at ballet.  It doesn’t surprise us that the homegrown cutie-pie from West Virginia seems to be very hands-on.

7. Isla Fisher: Talk about keeping your child out of the spotlight – this adorable redhead is mom to two girls, and barely reveals anything about them.  Olive (pictured, top left), and new baby, Elula, are not part of the package Fisher and her husband share with the ever-invading world of reporters and paparazzi.  The couple refused to even confirm Fisher was pregnant the second time around, nor did they release the baby’s name, until it was finally discovered 6 months after her birth.  But this tiny actress looks like so much fun when she’s playing with her girls!

8. Keri Russell: Her baby, River, is kind of funny-looking.  But she’s just so damn cute, we threw them on the list.

9. Reese Witherspoon: This petite blonde had her first baby young, but she continued to be a doting mom to Ava and Deacon with ex-husband, Ryan Phillippe.  The toe-headed trio raises farm animals outside of LA in Reese’s home in Ojai, California.

10. Victoria Beckham: What a surprise – this is definitely our favorite on the list!  After over 10 years together, Posh and her sexy husband have raised three adorable boys together, Brooklyn Joseph, Romeo James and Cruz David.  The boys are certainly stamps of David, but this summer they’ll be welcoming their first daughter – will she look like a mini-Victoria?  We hope so!  (At least we hope she dresses her like so.)


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