This photo of Posh and her youngest son, Cruz, is particularly special to our editors, because we had literally just MISSED them (or they missed us) at Dylan’s Candy Bar in Manhattan when this picture was taken in February 2008.  Our editors were back home on Long Island for the Spice Girls reunion concert, and had taken one of our visiting college friends into the city to do a little shopping, eating and sightseeing.  Before getting lunch at Serendipity’s, we killed time tasting and buying treats at Ralph Lauren’s daughter, Dylan’s, famous candy shop.  Apparently, Victoria Beckham was also in town (obviously, for the concert), and took Cruz there to get a small gumball machine within hours of us being there, and we missed her!!!  Very unfortunate.  Nevertheless, the Beckhams looked cute as always – Posh in a great reddish tweed pencil skirt, navy blue v-neck sweater, a fantastic red, white and blue patterned scarf and adorable scarlet stilettos (with her signature big black sunglasses).  Cruz looks like quite a trendsetter himself – he’s got on baby jeans, a military sweater, an over-sized necktie and some rocking Harry Potter outerwear.


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