This rainy, gloomy-looking day deserved a gloomy “Look-of-the-Day,” and who are more prepared for inclement weather and utter heartbreak than the British?!  (We’re kidding, our editors are complete Anglophiles here at theSkinnyStiletto.)  This “Tuesday Twosome” is none other than the gorgeous onscreen couple, Keira Knightley and James McAvoy as Cecilia and Robbie, in AtonementOur first post was about Keira’s infamous green gown from this motion picture, so it’s not surprising we featured the Jacqueline Durran fashion again.  Here, Cecilia is sporting a 1940s navy blue trench coat and matching hat over her nurse’s uniform, while Robbie has on his British military uniform.  What’s sexier than people dedicating their lives to a cause higher than themselves?  Nothing.  (Well, some horrible paths of fate led them to their roles, but still.)  Despite the couple’s lovely Oscar-nominated clothing, you want to cry just looking at their extremely plangent faces and knowing what awaits them.


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