Well, we don’t know about the rest of the country – or world, for that matter – but here in New York, we’re having a downpour like we got transplanted to Seattle!  It makes us want to curl up and get back into our winter clothes!  (Which this editor has been doing to stay warm…)  What will keep you warm on a rainy day like today?  A thick cable-knit sweater and a boyfriend that looks like Jake Gyllenhaal will do just fine, which is what Anne Hathaway has in the movie Love and Other Drugs.  Hathaway and Gyllenhaal play independent spirits who come across one another in the 2010 romance, and costume designer Deborah Lynn Scott actually used some of her own clothes to dress Hathaway in the film.  Even though the two spend the majority of the film undressed, this has to be our favorite clothed look of Anne’s in the movie.  She fills out the roll of a strong-willed girl-next-door with a short bullshit capacity to a T, and this sweater is a perfect fit for her and her character.


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