Comme ma robe?” Marion Cotillard, as Sophie, practices asking her best friend in the French film, Jeux d’enfants.  The actress and her co-star, Guillaume Canet welcomed their first child, a son named Marcel, on Thursday in Paris, so we thought it was apropos to honor the film that the happy couple met making.  Jeux d’enfants (or Love Me If You Dare) is one of our editors’ favorite films, as we’ve mentioned previously…  Here, Marion is wearing a pretty coral flowered-patterned white dress with a frilly collar and matching scarf for her hair.  This outfit is part of two pivotal scenes in the film – here, when the characters dance around the fact that they’re in love with one another; and later on, when Canet’s character, Julien, intentionally uses it to hurt Sophie.  It’s a dress that plays a big part in the twosome’s twisted friendship/romance.  Although the real-life couple is experiencing a joyous occasion, their onscreen personas are consistently tortured by their cataclysmic chemistry.  In these photos, Sophie may look beautiful, but the two friends are dying inside over the fact that they’re losing one another.  “Je t’ai manqué?  Parce que je vous avez manqué.  Vous êtes un véritable tyran.  C’est tellement difficile d’être en colère contre vous.  Mais ne vous trompez, je le suis encore.


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