There are plenty of great movies with fantastic fathers – To Kill a Mockingbird, The Pursuit of Happyness, Sleepless in Seattle, Life is BeautifulMy Father the Hero, Parenthood and Taken – to name a few.  But it was hard coming up with a well-dressed papa!  This dapper dad and daughter duo are Anthony Hopkins and Claire Forlani from the 1998 film Meet Joe Black.  This movie was panned, but it’s actually very well-acted and quite touching.  Hopkins plays William Parrish, a successful man at the end of his life and meets Death (Brad Pitt), who decides to give him a couple of days before he takes him away.  Hopkins has two daughters, Susan and Allison (Claire Forlani and Marcia Gay Harden), and dispenses wisdom, advice and life lessons in the last three days of his life to his girls.  Here, William and Susan dance (for the last time) in a classic black and white tuxedo with black studs and a body-hugging gray gown.


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