Lindsay Lohan went from one of the Hollywood’s hottest up and coming actresses to… well, just a hot mess.  But she did have some cute clothes in her short heyday.  Here, she’s wearing a vintage rainbow bandage dress from Herve Leger in 2007 at the Maxim Hot 100 Party.  The bright colors look great outlined by the bold black trim on the hem and halter of the dress.  These formfitting frocks by Herve Leger became quite popular over the last few years with some famous females – from young starlets like Lohan and Amanda Bynes to foxy grown-ups like Kim Cattrall.  Lohan was actually named #1 on Maxim’s list that year, but she isn’t #1 on too many lists these days…  After too many run-ins with the law, drugs and drinking, she’s fallen far from being Disney’s go-to-girl.  (Fun Fact: It was a complete accident we chose Lohan as the “Look-of-the-Day” before realizing she was headed to court today!)


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