Kiss of the Spider Woman

We think most men would welcome a bite from this spider… The Black Widow is a Russian spy who eventually joins The Avengers.  So far, her only major media appearance on TV or film is in Iron Man 2, where she is portrayed by the sexy Scarlett Johansson (as we mentioned in our “Look-of-the-Day.”)  Her full name is Natalia Alianovna Romanova, aka Natasha Romanoff.  She was born in Stalingrad, Russia and is a trained martial artist, spy and sniper.  Her first appearance as a costumed action hero (pictured, left) was in 1967 from The Avengers #36.  Natasha starts out as a Soviet, but defects to the United States.  Her fashion favorites include mostly tight, black skin-tight suits with blazing reddish-brown curls (and usually accessorizes her look with heavy weaponry).  In today’s “Look-of-the-Day,” she’s sporting a sexy secretarial look, and many of her outfits in Iron Man 2 follow as such, with puckering buttoned-blouses, pencil skirts, and tall stiletto pumps. Even her little leopard top has a frilly, feminine 1950s vibe, but her personality is anything but!  Natasha is a world-class athlete, with expertise in gymnastics and ballet (our editors two pursuits as children – can’t imagine why we like her…)  She is also trained in karate, judo, boxing, kung fu and marksmanship – not exactly typical qualifications for an assistant!  Natasha’s hair looks great in her go-to black (pictured, right), as does her insane body!  She may have only had a bit part in this movie, but she’ll be back for The Avengers in 2012!  (And then hopefully with her own starring role!) 



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