We’ve named some well-dressed ladies of the comic underworld this week, but none have donned a dress more glamorous than this!  Here is Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane in 2006’s Superman Returns.  On the night she’s supposed to win her Pulitzer Prize for her article “Why the World Doesn’t Need Superman,” Lois puts on this gorgeous black silk gown to collect the award – but of course, irony strikes and her article’s truthfulness is destroyed when Clark Kent has to come save his favorite girl while she’s in this get-up!  Costume designer Louise Mingenbach described this look as “pure Art Deco 30s.”  The intricate beading and a touch of burnt orange in the surprise under layer of this gown is just stunning.  Lois doesn’t make it to the Award Show, but at least she looks good in her pursuit of another story!  Classic Miss Lane!


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