Walking Down Lois Lane

“It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!”  No, it’s Lois Lane.  She’s the only girl we’ve featured this week that doesn’t have some enormous secret identity, costume or superhuman strength, but she’s one of the most recognizable comic book characters of all-time.  Lois Joanne Lane is the love of Superman’s life.  She was created in 1938 in Action Comics #1 by Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.  Lois was based on a model named Joanne Carter (just like her middle namesake) who would later marry Siegel!  Carter went on to work as a ship builder during World War II and unfortunately died earlier this year, but that is one romantic tribute!  It’s no surprise Lois Lane is such a strong-willed lady, considering she’s based a real-life wonder woman!  Lois was born to Sam and Ellen Lane who were originally farmers from Pittsdale, and in later comics were depicted as a military couple who taught Lois hand-to-hand combat.  They also have another daughter named Lucy Lane.  Lois works as a reporter at Metropolis’s Daily Planet, just like Superman’s alter-ego, Clark Kent.  She is tough, intelligent, hard-working, and the top reporter in town!  Although, for being an extremely bright writer, she’s a poor speller and… well, she hasn’t noticed that the love of her life also works with her everyday, despite a pair of glasses.  After Clark admits who he truly is, he proposes and he and Lois are married, although she keeps her maiden name.  (Can’t imagine why this was my ideal when I wanted to grow up and become a writer… a well-dressed, dark-haired feminist whose sister has the same initials as she, and dates the strongest and best-looking man on Earth!  Gee, I wonder why I wanted to be her…)  Onscreen, Lane has been portrayed by a bevy of different ladies, including Margot Kidder and Teri Hatcher, but her best clothes were in the 2006 Bryan Singer version Superman Returns.  Played by Kate Bosworth (who probably wasn’t the best choice – she looks far more comfortable surfing the shores of Hawaii…), but still had a fantastic look.  Costumed by Louise Mingenbach, who has alsoworked on the X-Men films, The Hangover and The Usual Suspects, she did a gorgeous job of maintaining the classic look of 1930s and 1940s Metropolis without looking too costumed.  Mingenbach stated that she wanted to incorporate the prime decades that Lois Lane was around for.  Her go-to items in this version are strings of white pearls, sophisticated leather handbags, a camel-haired trenchcoat, tailored skirted suits, black stiletto pumps, high-waisted pinstripe pants and the most stunning silk blouses.  Our favorite item is the beautiful gown Lois gets to wear during the story arch (pictured, above left), which was today’s “Look-of-the-Day.” Bosworth got poor reviews for her performance as the most famous fictional reporter in modern history, but at least she got to dress well while doing so.  The new reboot is set to premiere in 2013 with British hunk Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel with the perky Amy Adams playing another girl with an alliteration for initials – Lois Lane!  Let’s hope she gets a wardrobe as accurate and fabulous as Mingenbach’s terrific job on this 2006 film!  Lois Lane is one of the most popular pop culture characters of all-time and definitely our favorite human comic book girl!  We can’t wait to see her reappearance in two years on the silver screen!


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