It’s a surprise we haven’t featured any clothes from AMC’s hit show Mad Men thus far…  This show made everything from the early 60s cool again – hourglass figures, sweater-sets, pencil skirts, afternoon drinking and misogyny.  Haha, just kidding!  (Well, we hope the men of Madison Avenue aren’t making cheating, lying, and abusing women stylish – that’s just sick!)  But at least the girls look good trying to figure out their place in the limbo between 1950s conservatism and the sexual revolution of the late 1960s.  The show’s designer Janie Bryant has done an absolutely outstanding job properly catching the era, without being even the slightest cartoonish.  Here is the show’s most popular woman, the extremely curvy Christina Hendricks as sexy secretary Joan Harris in a magenta-colored dress and matching lipstick with simple gold accessories.  Joan’s famous pinned-up red hair, high heels and always polished nails give make her the epitome of 1960s sexiness that easily translates to today.  We simply cannot wait for Banana Republic’s new line!


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