Grace Kelly’s wardrobe in To Catch a Thief may be one of the most stylish costume ensembles in the history of film.  Or at least, according to us it is :).  We’ve mentioned the stunning white number Kelly wore as Frances Stevens in the 1955 caper hit, and here is another gem from the famous film about a jewel thief.  Kelly wore this two-piece rose crepe top with white wool embroidery and full pleated-skirt during the famous drive scene with Cary Grant.  (Eerily, it is apparently the same road that Kelly was killed on 27 years later…)  A long pink silk scarf and delicate white gloves make this a terrific choice for a summer on the French Rivera.  Costume designer Edith Head was Oscar-nominated for her glorious work on the movie, which eventually paid off – this outfit is currently being auctioned off between $30,000 and $50,000 by Paramount Pictures!  (According to the fab site Penny Dreadful Vintage.)  It’s sad to look at clothes like this, when we know the season is almost at an end…


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