In lieu of the birthday of theSkinnyStiletto‘s original fashion icon, our mother, we’ve decided to dedicate our post today to this wonderful woman!  A lady never reveals her age, but this one-of-a-kind wonder was a stunner in an era when fashion was severely lacking in style.  The 70s had bellbottoms and lots of checkered pants and hippie threads, but our lovely Linda was always aglow in anything from a patterned sundress, to a form-fitting minidress (this is true), or a well-tailored jumper. She is the reason our editors have such varying tastes in their own personal styles as well.  Linda is a hardworking and dedicated mother, wife, sister, friend, and educator. If it wasn’t for her fashion advice and guidance early on in our lives, we could’ve been doomed to follow horrible trends and bad taste. Our mother taught us the less-is-more rule back when we began playing dress-up and donning her make-up for recitals (which is anything but subtle) in preschool. Linda’s beautiful olive skin, naturally dark Italian tresses, and killer smile are what she has always been known for, and still is. We are honored to feature her here and hope that other women get to inspire their daughters as well! Happy Birthday Mom!!  Check out our favorite It Girl, Mila Kunis (below), who was seen wearing a similar version of Linda’s dress, just recently, in Oscar de la Renta! You know what they say, history, including fashion, always repeats itself.


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