In honor of Gossip Girl‘s 5th season premiere last night, we’re featuring stars Leighton Meester and Blake Lively, who are no strangers to “Tuesday Twosome.”  As privileged, young Manhattanites, Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen are privy to the best schools, colleges, restaurants, entertainment and, of course, clothes!  Here they are in Episode 4 of the 1st season.  In the series, Blair’s mother, Eleanor, runs her own fashion line and chooses her daughter to model some of her looks when it gets picked up by Henri Bendel, while Serena comes to the photoshoot for support.  But… like every other thing in Blair’s life, Serena ends up getting the gig instead, due to her outgoing and fun personality.  Of course, drama ensues.  Eleanor’s fictional fashion line is actually the work of Abigail Lorick.  Above, some of her looks are perfectly cast – the prim and proper Blair wears a formfitting black and yellow belted dress with matching accessories and sweptback hair, while fun-loving Serena sports a loose-fitting gray, white and black frock with her sunny locks blowing in the breeze!


3 responses to “Look-of-the-Day

  • H. E. Lexus

    Looking good for the day. 😉

  • soanthro

    Obsessed with them. If I could wrap my personal style up into two icons it would definitely be those two!

    • The Skinny Stiletto

      Haha, yes based on your site I believe that’s very true!! Makes sense though – Blair is the epitome of the classics and preppiness, while Serena is a little edgier. They literally have to be the two best-dressed women on television. Even before the show became super popular, they always looked awesome. Every time we go to do a Tuesday Twosome look, we’re like “oh here’s another Blair & Serena pic!” Haha, we should just call it Gossip Girl Twosome instead… lol

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