Yesterday, we wrote about Audrey’s most casual outfit of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which may have been an odd note to start out on, considering how glamorous she’s dressed in the rest of the movie’s scenes…. But it is certainly one of her more vulnerable moments, and an appropriate look for a Sunday afternoon.  Here, Hepburn is donning what appears to be a one-shouldered Grecian gown, accessorized only by her fabulous earrings and the most sophisticated cigarette holder we’ve ever seen… (Seriously – that thing probably inspired the bad habit for years!)  But, Audrey’s fantastic frock is actually a bath towel!  Close to a week ago, Moviefone featured an online article called “25 Facts You May Not Know About Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the film’s release.  In a deleted scene, Holly Golightly is taking a bath when a party begins in her apartment and she must put an outfit together immediately!  Naturally, the one and only Ms. Hepburn could wear a towel and still look positively flawless!



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