In this iconic picture of our “Tuesday Twosome,” Audrey is wearing the dress that made the LBD (“little black dress”) famous.  Here, she pairs her knee-length, sleeveless silhouette with her usual oversized sunglasses, black gloves, and matching hat with a soft, camel colored sash around the top.  George Peppard looks smart and meticulous in his fitted wool blazer, white oxford, cranberry tie, and camel-colored sweater vest that matches Audrey’s sash.  The two look put-together, and complement one another beautifully (better than they realize at this point in the movie).  Audrey’s dress was designed by Hubert de Givenchy and chosen by the film’s costume designer, Edith Head.  As a struggling call girl, you see Holly reuse this dress later in the film.  This outfit not only made the LBD famous, but forever associated big black sunglasses and large brimmed hats with Audrey’s eponymous style.  It’s also the costume Audrey has on in one of the most famous photos of her ever taken (pictured, left).  This scene gave birth to appropriate cocktail attire everywhere, making it one of the most revered outfits in motion picture history!


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