Breakfast at Tiffany’s may have made the little black dress internationally famous, but Holly Golightly’s little pink dress is also quite adorable!  Designed by Hubert de Givenchy (like the rest of Audrey’s beautiful clothes in this film), this sleeveless cocktail dress is accented by its cute bow at the waist and highlighted by its matching coat and sparking tiara!  This frock sold for a whopping $192,000 in 2007 when it went to auction at Christie’s!  Although this outfit certainly looks like lots of fun, it’s unfortunately the dress Holly has on when she finds out that her brother has died.  Man, if you take out the pretty clothes in this movie, it might be one of the most depressing films ever made!  Fun Fact: When our editors were little girls, they received the limited edition Barbie dolls created to look like Ms. Audrey Hepburn in this particular costume (pictured, bottom left), but one of them just couldn’t keep her in the box… toys are meant to be played with!  And although Holly immediately lost all monetary value when she was freed from her plastic cage, at least she’ll forever remain in this editor’s heart as the prettiest Barbie doll she’s ever had!


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