For this Tuesday Twosome, we are featuring our favorite living, fashion icon, who else but Victoria Beckham, and one of her adorable sons, second-born, Romeo James.  As Posh looks just-so, her partner-in-style keeps up and in stride with his fashion-forward mum.  The two of them make quite the statement in their business-savvy attire, Victoria in her smart, silhouetted, pencil skirt and button-down dress shirt, and Romeo in his perfect pinstripes, boyishly tousled waves, and those darling dimples.  Romeo resembles his mother the most out of his siblings and we’re sure he inherited those features from his lovely leading lady… if only she smiled more for the camera!  We cannot wait to see what modeling gigs this kid gets when he’s older; so far he’s the biggest clothes horse out of the expanding, British brood, but we’ll just have to wait and see what little Harper Seven brings to the table when she’s old enough to wear heels.  For now, Romeo does just fine holding his own on the red (sometimes caramel-colored) carpet!


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