This Halloween edition of “Fancy Friday” has a special place in our editors’ hearts.  This editor and her childhood best friend (author of Annie Cuomo) always thought Christina Ricci was their onscreen soul sister, because she seemed to share our dark senses of humor.  Ricci’s performance as Wednesday Addams is still one of my all-time favorite movie characters (and the one Halloween costume I still can’t believe I never wore as a child…  Especially considering my favorite outfit at the time was a long black dress with a white Peter Pan collar!)  Ricci always seemed to have an edge over other child stars, because she ended up in more complex films, like Mermaids and The Addams Family, than the typical garbage young stars usually make.  Recently, our editors turned on Casper, as we usually do when October rolls around (we also indulge in Hocus Pocus and Sleepy Hollow – another film where Ricci rocked another all-time favorite dress), and were amazed at how excited we still felt watching a kids’ movie!  Ricci plays Kat, a headstrong preteen in the 1995 film about “the friendly ghost.”  Casper lends Kat his mother’s gorgeous Edwardian gown made of antique white lace for her Halloween party.  Paired with her lace-up black combat boots, it’s amazing how cool she still looks 16 years later.  In this outfit, Kat and Casper also realize they’re more than just friends when Casper is briefly brought back to life, as Devon Sawa!  Their onscreen dance still warms our hearts (which is very creepy, because they’re only like 14…)  But Sawa’s magnetism is still insanely attractive to us!  Uh, the saddest part of the film is when he’s turned back into a ghost… but we just pretend Kat figured out how to replicate the magic potion to bring this turn-of-the-century hottie back to life for good!  You can view the scene below!


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