This Halloween trio has a special connection to today’s holiday; Mean Girls was probably the first medium to point out how skimpy Halloween costumes have become for girls these days.  Rachel McAdams, as Regina George, is a sexy bunny, Lacey Chabert, as Gretchen Wieners, is a sexy kitten, and Amanda Seyfried, as Karen Smith, is a sexy… mouse?  DUH!  The costume designer, Mary Jane Fort, did a fantastic job outfitting the girls throughout the film and their Halloween gear was no different.  Fort purposely stated that she wanted the girls’ outfits to look like real high school clothing that teenage girls would put together themselves.  These high school seniors are certainly the hottest group of cuddly animals we’ve ever seen!  (Although if they were our own daughters, it wouldn’t be as cute…)  The girls complement one another in matching silver glitter, black pleather, stiletto boots, and fun animal ears.  This look will always be memorable though for its matching movie quote!  Happy Halloween!


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