Carolina Herrera Unveils 2012 Bridal Collection

Since we’re celebrating engagements here at theSkinnyStiletto, what better topic to cover than bridal gowns?!  Recently, the ever elegant Carolina Herrera revealed her Fall 2012 bridal collection.  If big, poofy princess gowns are your kind of thing, then Herrera’s Collection is definitely not for you.  (Although the ball gowns from her Spring 2012 Collection are simply divine, and remain understated.  See photos of the “Alise” and the “Eleanor,” pictured below.)  The Venezuelan-born designer selected sophisticated columns and simplicity as the themes for these bridal dresses.  The Collection is getting more than the usual amount of attention dedicated to bridal fashion, because one of the gowns will be worn by Bella Swan in the upcoming Breaking Dawn: Part 1, the movie adaptation of the fourth novel in the Twilight series.  Although it’s probably more appropriate for Bella to wear something black and gothic, since she’s marrying a walking corpse, but sure, high-end fashion always turns up in the wedding ceremonies of west-coast teenagers that take place in the woods…  Herrera’s long sheaths and belted waists are romantic, classy and are definitely unique in a time when weddings keep getting too over-the-top.  They are absolutely beautiful and sure to make any bride look timeless.


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