It’s probably unusual to select a Tim Burton movie for inspiration during the holiday season, but Edward Scissorhands provides one sad and sweet winter scene we just love.  Johnny Depp stars as the title character in this 1990 film, and a blonde Winona Ryder costars as his love interest.  While the boy with scissors for hands carves some ice sculptures in suburban California, he creates synthetic snowflakes, and his crush decides to dance around the unusual spectacle – right before a tragic accident occurs that will force them apart forever.  One of our favorite costume designers (and Burton’s go-to-girl) Colleen Atwood outfitted the movie, creating some delightfully tacky housewives, gothic outsiders and this picture-perfect popular girl in Ryder.  In this scene, she’s wearing a lovely off-the-shoulder belted and buttoned white dress with a full and flowing skirt.  Her purity is pristine and untouched, right before a rapid sequence of events that will effectively end her innocence.  It is touching, quirky and heartbreaking – like all great Burton films are.


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