The Family Stone is one of this editor’s all-time favorite films, due to the fact it can make you laugh, cry, laugh and cry again within a matter of minutes.  And because the stunning Rachel McAdams plays the feisty baby sister, Amy, who is the silver screen embodiment of my own baby sister.  The movie tells the tale of a very close family whose eldest son, Everett, brings home an uptight city girl named Meredith for the holidays, which sets off a series of uncomfortable situations that make everyone start to doubt if Meredith is actually the girl meant for Everett.  It pushes the Stones apart, and back together, and they learn what really matters – especially when they start to realize one by one that their time as a tight-knit unit is running out.  This poignant scene shows McAdams staring up at the Christmas tree in a very flattering red turtleneck, which has been this editor’s go-to outfit every December 25th since she was about thirteen.  This Christmas, our real-life version of Amy Stone will be celebrating the holidays away from home, but you can bet we’ll be breaking out this film, as we often do when we miss her, to be reminded of her passion, silliness and shining personality.


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