We’ve mentioned that The Family Stone was one of theSkinnyStiletto‘s favorite holiday films earlier this week, and we’re continuing to discuss the cast’s outfits we just love!  Fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker plays an uptight Manhattanite named Meredith who does not fit in with her boyfriend, Everett’s family when she meets them for the first time over Christmas.  Meredith arrives to the Stones’ home in this tailored gray suit, black pointy stiletto pumps, a beautiful black trench coat and a bun so tight and slicked back, it’s practically within Marine Corps hair regulations.  She’s a successful businesswoman, and while her manners and image are picture perfect, her confidence isn’t as nearly put-together.  (Although, we’re completely on her side when Everett’s niece breaks the heel on her ballerina pink pumps.  Umm, hello?  I met you 15 minutes ago and you’re stomping around in a pair of my shoes that probably cost more than your whole wardrobe?  Don’t care if you’re 8, that’s so inappropriate!)  Meredith and Everett (pictured, below) look great together in their professional New York outfits, but their souls aren’t as great a match as they originally thought…


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