We’ve talked about several of our favorite Christmas movies this past week, but It’s A Wonderful Life still remains our all-time favorite holiday flick.  There’s no other film on Earth that can make this editor choke up not once, but usually four times in one sitting – and that’s after seeing it dozens of times.  Originally panned by critics, the 1946 Frank Capra movie was completely insulted and ignored when it was released following the end of World War II.  James Stewart and Donna Reed play George Bailey and Mary Hatch, a pair of friends who have known each other since childhood.  All George wants to do is flee his one-horse town, but Mary actually misses Bedford Falls when she goes away to university and interns in New York City.  The above scene is when the two are reunited after Mary’s college graduation, and George is frustrated after finding out some news that may cause him to never escape their hometown.  Mary dons on a lovely full-skirted dress with an embroidered collar, princess sleeves and a ribbon tied around her waist.  She looks adorable waiting for her crush to admit his feelings, but he’s certainly in a different kind of mood… After arguing and yelling, the two answer a phone call from a mutual friend that leads to one of the most romantic scenes in cinematic history, and causes the future Mr. & Mrs. Bailey to realize they’re meant for one another.


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