This “Fancy Friday” happens to be 1940s screen legend Barbara Stanwyck from the romantic comedy Christmas in Connecticut.  This editor’s sister pulled this movie off the shelf at their local library years ago, and it was surprisingly hilarious!  Stanwyck stars as Elizabeth Lane, a single writer from New York who pens a column about traditional cooking and housekeeping from the point of a view of a housewife, even though she doesn’t do a stitch of physical labor…  When an injured sailor returning home from WWII is interested in visiting her fictional home in Connecticut, she realizes it’s her patriotic duty to… well, lie to him!  It doesn’t help that he’s drop-dead gorgeous, and Miss Lane is supposed to be a Mrs!  Here, Elizabeth wears a beautiful, long black gown and a cropped, white jacket with fuzzy trim, while she gets distracted trimming her fake Christmas tree.  Fun Fact: The legendary costume designer, Edith Head was actually borrowed from Paramount Studios to outfit Ms. Stanwyck, alongside Warner Brothers costumer, Milo Anderson.  Below, we’ve included the link of Dennis Morgan as the handsome serviceman singing to Stanwyck.  You can imagine why “O Little Town of Bethlehem” was our favorite holiday song for quite sometime…


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