2012 Golden Globe Rundown

Our editors were both on separate vacations during this year’s Golden Globe Awards, so we’re behind on naming the best & worst from this year’s red carpet.  Kate Beckinsale looked drop-dead gorgeous as usual in a cream-colored, strapless Cavalli gown (pictured, above right).  Tilda Swinton, who usually looks like she usually just wears whatever the hell she wants, donned a stunning periwinkle tuxedo gown by Heider Ackermann (although the hair and complete lack of makeup continues to scare us as always…) Jessica Alba, who our editors really aren’t fans of (why is she there, honestly?  Name a movie or TV show she’s made in the last 5 years… Can’t, right?  Because she’s not an actress!!)  Beside that point, she did have on one stunning and slightly sparkly lavender Gucci gown (pictured, middle right).  Especially considering she had her second baby earlier this year!  Laura Dern, who won Best Actress for the television series, Enlightened, certainly epitomized the word in a glittering green v-neck gown by Andrew Gn (pictured, middle left).  Helen Mirren continued to still look both sexy and elegant in navy Badgley Mischa (pictured, below left).  New mom Natalie Portman was having a great time during last year’s award season – winning her 1st Oscar and giving birth to her first child – and this year looked lovely in Lanvin (pictured, above right).  Our final favorite was actress Claire Danes in J. Mendel.  The dress was black, white, geometric and soo sexy from behind.  And the worst-dressed of the night?  We hate to repeat ourselves, but seriously – nude dresses + pale skin = some washed out beauties.  We had the same complaint at last year’s Met costume gala, too.  Some of our favorite girls, Kristen Wiig, Charlize Theron, Jessica Chastain, Shailene Woodley, Julie Bowen and Jessica Biel – all in shades of white and beige!  You’re all gorgeous – wear some color to bring out that beautiful, flawless skin!!  Two of our favorite childhood stars from the WB network, Michelle Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar, disappointed us big-time in two blue disasters.  Kelly Osbourne looked like she was about to get beamed up, Amanda Peet looked like she was wearing 4 different slips,  and Lea Michele – stop, please, just stop.  We get it.  You like extravagant mermaid gowns.  But you’re a GLEEk – not the Queen of Sheba.


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