This editor just returned from a mid-January vacation to London and Paris, and hasn’t yet shaken her Anglophile mood (who am I kidding – it’s been 20 years, I’m always going to be obsessed with the Brits.)  Here is Natalie Portman as the infamous Anne Boleyn in the 2008 film The Other Boleyn Girl.  As an admitted Elizabethan geek, I was very excited when Hollywood took such an interest in the Tudor family a couple of years ago (not that they were always accurate…)  Costume designer Sandy Powell, who has outfitted other royal movies, such as The Young Victoria and Edward II, is the winner of three Academy Awards for her beautiful work.  This movie tells the tale of the Queen of Thousand Days and her sister, Mary, who was actually King Henry VIII’s mistress before her.  Anne’s stunning silk emerald gown is possibly an intimation that is she is certainly green with envy for the attention her sister gets.  Powell has stated, “There is not a great deal of variety in the shape or silhouette of a Tudor dress, and the girls shared the same life and moved mainly in the same circles, at home or at Court, so I used a difference in tone and shade to separate them.  Mary’s character is slightly softer and more romantic than Anne, who is seen as stronger and more forceful.  So, without being as obvious as one girl in red and one in blue, I’ve dressed them in different hues.”  Powell got her inspiration from Tudor painter Hans Holbein, whose paintings hang in the National Portrait Gallery in London.  The most noticeable similarity is Anne’s “B” necklace on a string of pearls and gold that she sports in both art and film (pictured, below.)  She may have only been queen for a thousand days, but she certainly earned her place in history, and still continues to inspire today.


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