At this point, we should have written a single article on all the fantastic looks of Carey Mulligan as a teenager who grows up too fast in An Education.  This is the third look we’ve featured from the film, and we still have a couple more we’d like to feature!  In the 2009 movie, Mulligan’s character, Jenny, is seduced by the glamor and sophistication of an older group of socialites.  Here, she is pictured with her female “mentor,” Helen, who teaches her how to dress and put on makeup, so she can look like a mature woman.  Helen is played by British actress Rosamund Pike.  (Fun Fact: Pike played Mulligan’s older sister in 2005’s Pride & Prejudice with Keira Knightley.  It was Mulligan’s first movie role!)  Here, Jenny is sporting one of Helen’s little black dresses with a soft white coat, black and white driving gloves and a small leopard hat.  Helen is quite a match in a leopard coat, cream-colored shift with matching gloves and a white fur hat.  The two make quite a cute pair, but Jenny will soon realize that her new social group is neither glamorous, nor are they true friends…


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