What’s black and white and red all over?  This scarlet-haired beauty in this sophisticated black and white combo!  In Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts has to overcome living a hard life as a hooker in Hollywood, and even when a wealthy suitor comes to her rescue, it doesn’t mean the rest of the Los Angeles elite is going to accept her into their way of life.  When attempting to buy clothing on Rodeo Drive, some self-impressed shop-girls make her feel uncomfortable and ask her to leave.  But with help from her fairy godfather, Hector Elizondo, and this elegant white dress adorned with black and gold buttons, dainty gloves, pearl drop earrings, and a lovely black hat with a matching clutch and heels, Roberts goes from prostitute to posh in one outfit change!  Those shop-girls don’t even know what hit them when she comes back to let them know what they missed out on…


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