Forty years ago today, our editors’ parents went out on their very first date.  An Irish Marine and an Italian girl from New York City would eventually settle down and have two daughters (us!)  What better movie to discuss on their anniversary than a romantic comedy written by an Irish Marine about an Italian girl from New York City?!  John Patrick Shanley’s script comes to life starring Cher in this 1987 film as Loretta Castorini, a frugal bookkeeper who ends up falling for her boring fiance’s passionate brother (played by Nicolas Cage).  This movie also has a particularly great makeover scene, when Loretta decides she needs to spice up her life!  She spots a great strapless maroon cocktail dress while window shopping, and decides to go for it!  Cher looks great attending the opera with a full head of dark Italian curls, a long glamorous black coat, the dark red dress, and a very young Nicolas Cage on her arm!  It’s the magic of “la bella luna” that leads to true love!


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