There was a Valentine’s Day marathon of rom-coms running on every channel over the weekend (except probably SPIKE), and we caught this Sandra Bullock hit, The Proposal, last night.  Bullock plays a hard-as-nails New York book editor named Margaret Tate, and her assistant, Andrew, is played by the adorable Ryan Reynolds in this 2009 movie.  Margaret blackmails her poor secretary into marrying her, so she is not deported back to her native Canada.  Bullock wears this impeccably tailored black-pinstriped skirted suit and a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps while she announces the big wedding news to her bosses, and… Andrew!  He’s as surprised as they are, and forces his wicked employer to propose to him properly after leaving their meeting (pictured, below).  Costume designer Catherine Marie Thomas stated, “I was inspired to do this very structured ’40s silhouette because Margaret’s very uptight and regimented, and Sandy was thrilled.  So our departure point was the silhouette of the ’40s, as worn by Katharine Hepburn and Rosalind Russell.  Sandy’s got great legs so you can do a pencil skirt up to the knee, but we purposely made them longer so that she would be more nipped in and would have to alter the way she walked.”  The uptight Margaret Tate is about to meet her match in Andrew, who’s finally had enough of her crap, but the two start to realize there’s more to one another than they originally thought…


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