The 84th Academy Awards will take place this Sunday, and in honor of the ceremony, we’re showing some of our favorite costumes from Oscar-nominated films.  This “Tuesday Twosome” is the star-crossed couple from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett play Benjamin and Daisy, who fall in love at opposite ends of the age spectrum, and end up “meeting in the middle.”  Here, Daisy has just finished teaching a dance class, and Benjamin comes to see her in khakis, a white t-shirt, and one delicious charcoal sweater.  (But, let’s be serious – that man looks sexy in anything.)  Daisy is wearing a de rigueur dance uniform – a black leotard and wrap skirt, soft pink ballet slippers and a matching shrug.  Costume designer Jacqueline West told the LA Times, “One of the first things I tried on Cate were the ballet clothes, and she put those clothes on and become a ballerina.  She had studied dance and she would just change her whole posture, even her feet would go out, like dancers’, and her back was straight and she’d tuck her heinie in and she would just become a dancer.  You don’t get that with every actress.”  The elegant Blanchett certainly looks at home as a ballet teacher in black and pink, and even though their outfits are quite simple here, Benjamin and Daisy’s love story is anything but…


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